Two tire car comes in the market!

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Carver The Carver Base is an innovative electric bike vehicle manufactured by Electric Bike, an electric bike manufacturing company based in the Netherlands.

Two tire car comes in the market!

The bike classification is denoted as Encased Tight Vehicle or ENV which allows the driver to combine the advantages of a bike (no driving permit, no protective cap, free riding) with the advantages of a vehicle (water proof, extra protected, space for Gives the right to.)

The Carver is a top-notch item that is priced somewhat higher than a premium bike like the Vespa Elettrica.

Each wheel of the Carver has a powerful 2,000-watt electric engine (4,000 watts in total) for a top speed of 60 km/h. The bike accelerates from 0 to 45 km/h in 8 seconds.

Two tire car comes in the market!

The bike has a 5.4 kWh lithium battery for a smooth driving of 100 km. Batteries may soon be charged with conventional power attachments.

The Carver offers 75 liters of luggage compartment which is almost half smaller than the luggage compartment in a small vehicle.

The carver gives the rear passenger an open seat. It is suitable for the financial expert holding coffee and can be used to send children safely.

Two tire car comes in the market!

The Carver is a real clever bike and interfaces with the PDA for entry into bike applications, routes and music play lists. Carver offers a top-tier music framework with work-in speakers and an advanced solution for hands-free calling.

The bike has an imaginative slant structure that enables the bike to make sharp turns safely. This is named Dynamic Vehicle Control or Controlled Balancing Framework. This structure makes riding the bike even easier.

Two tire car comes in the market!

The bike is fully water certified and protects the driver from rain and wind. The Carver has a window electric wiper.

The bike is only 98 cm wide which is similar to a cruiser and this makes the bike easy to maneuver.

Carver Electric Microcar Video Mumbai: Click Here

The bike is available in multiple colors and offers many options for customization. The bike is built in the Netherlands and the architects can deal with exceptional requests, for example conversion for business/freight use, for limited time use or other exceptional requests.

2 years guarantee is given on the bike.

Carver Electric Microcar Book: Click Here

Bikes can be requested on the web and shipped worldwide.

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