Tata Nano will get a dangerous look with strong features

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Now TATA Nano Tata Nano's cool car has come to close Maruti's business, it will give a great mileage range of 300km, now check the price.

TATA Nano Car Features

Now let's talk about TATA Tata Company its most amazing TATA Nano Electric Car Tata Nano Electric Car. Now Tata Motors has launched the electric version of Tata Nano soon. Now let's talk Tata Nano electric car has been introduced in a sporty look.

TATA Nano Electric Car Tata Nano Electric Car includes attractive features

Now let us inform you about the features of Tata Nano Electric Car, Now Nano Electric Car includes branded features, it has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with 6 speaker sound. System, along with power steering, you also get power windows, anti-lock braking system with EBD, electric power steering, AC, front power windows, multi-information display.

TATA Nano Electric Car Powerful battery of Tata Nano Electric Car

Now let's talk about the battery backup of the Tata Nano electric car. Now given a powerful battery, it can provide a 15.5 kWh capacity lithium ion battery pack to which an electric motor based on BLDC technology can be connected. Two charging options are available with this battery, the first being a 15A capacity home charger and the second being a DC fast charger.

TATA Nano Electric Car Tata Nano Electric Car has a range

In the range of this electric car, you will find a tremendous range in the Tata Nano. This electric car has a 72V power pack. Now the speed of Tata Nano electric car can be seen up to 60-70 kmph. If we talk about its driving range, it offers a range of around 300 kilometers on a full charge.

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TATA Nano Electric Car Tata Nano Electric Car Expected Price

Now let's talk about the price information of Tata Nano electric car, if we talk about the presentation and price of this car, currently Tata company has not told anyone about it. But it is being speculated that you can get this Tata Nano electric car for around Rs 5 lakh.

Note : According to the sources, this information is yet no statement has been made by TATA Motor. We have put this information as per report of Automotive Rumores.

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