okha - dwarka Signature Bridge when complete ? latest update

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Dwarka, the abode of Lord Krishna, adored by crores of people, may be gifted with a state-of-the-art signature bridge by the end of this year, meaning no need to use roro-ferry to reach Bet Dwarka from Okha. The 2.32 km long four-lane bridge, which is being prepared at a total cost of Rs 978.93 crore, will allow vehicles to run smoothly and walkways will be constructed on both sides for pedestrians.

okha - dwarka Signature Bridge when complete ? latest update

Read the ground report of the under-construction Signature Bridge at Okha-Bet Dwarka, How will a 900-meter portion of the two-and-a-half kilometer long bridge be suspended by cables? What are the two gigantic pylons on which the signature bridge will stand? What technology was used to make a 130 meter high pylon capable of supporting millions of tons? How will the 'Bridge Health Monitoring System' work to get information immediately if there is a fault in any part of the bridge?

When work Started okha - dwarka Signature Bridge ?

To go from Okha to Betdwarka at present one has to go with the help of ferryboat, but now this is going to be a 'signature bridge' at a cost of ₹ 978 crore. The construction of this 2320 meter long bridge between Okha and Betdwarka is underway, for which 38 pillars have been raised in the sea by marine barge cranes. Since the commencement of operations in March 2018, till date 92 percent of the physical work of this bridge has been completed. The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of October 2023.

okha - dwarka Signature Bridge Features

The length of the bridge will be 2320 m, of which 900 m will be cable stayed portion.

A 2452 meter approach road will be constructed on both sides of Okha and Bet Dwarka.

The length of the main span of the bridge is 500 meters which is the longest span in India.

A parking lot will be constructed towards Okha to park the vehicles.

The main span of the bridge has two pylons with a height of 130 meters.

The width of this four-lane bridge is 27.20 meters, with footpaths of 2.50 meters on both sides.

Solar panels installed on footpaths will generate 1 MW of electricity, which will be used for lighting on the bridge. Additional electricity will be provided for the requirement of Okha village.

View galleries have been arranged for tourists at a total of 12 locations on the bridge.

Decorative lighting will be arranged on the bridge during the night.

Signature Cable Bridge Drone View Part 1 : Click Here

Signature Cable Bridge Drone View  Part 2 Click Here

When Comlete okha - dwarka Signature Bridge ?

The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of October 2023.

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