This brother made a bicycle without a pedal - watch video

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There are many people in our country who resort to Jugad to get their work done easily, and there are also many Jugads which are annoying to people. You must have seen many videos of such pranks going viral on social media as well. Especially jugad is done with bikes and cars, but now a brother has done a unique jugad with a bicycle, seeing which people's minds also went crazy.

This brother made a bicycle without a pedal - watch video

Never seen such a bicycle before today, which has no pendulum and still runs, watching the video you will say. What made this brother? Watch the video

A unique bicycle made from trash

When a man posted a video of his unique bicycle made from a scrap on the Internet, people told him what a useless invention he had made. However, some people also liked the idea of that person. But most of the people started saying that brother you have made garbage out of garbage. In the video, this person is saying that a bicycle that has no pedals, no motor, no engine. So how will it go forward?

A way to make a person tell

The guy goes on to say that what I did here was take an old bicycle from the scrapyard. Its front part is taken as it was after this a square structure is made by welding. Friends, there will be a cloth over it, which will protect you from the rain. He has yet to prepare. After this the person shows the rear tire of the bicycle and says that this tire belongs to a small children's bicycle. But how to take this cycle forward? Then the man shows the bicycle seat, which is adjustable.

People did not like gambling

After this, the person pushes the bicycle forward with his feet, after which the bicycle starts moving automatically. The video was posted by Instagram user @master_ashishhh and captioned; A bicycle without pedals. So far this video has got 1 lakh 58 thousand likes and more than 60 lakh views. Also more than 9 thousand users have commented. One person wrote, Bro, you have made a closet out of a closet.

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