This fruit is more powerful than any other medicine

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The tree bears fruit similar to lemons larger than lemons and oranges and smaller than lemons. Which is called second or turanj. This bjora is sour in taste. Its leaves are long and large. Bjora is green when raw and yellow when ripe. This bjora is called bjora lemon, big lemon, turanj or bija purak in Hindi, bado nemb, cholong nembu, bjora in Bengali, kharanj in Persian, kogilacham in Tamil, modik phalam, matulung in Sanskrit, bijapur and mahalung in Marathi. And its English name is Adams' Apple, Cedrat, citron and its Latin name is Citrus Medica. The bjora tree grows to a height of about ten to fifteen feet. Bjoru is a type of lemon tree. 

This fruit is more powerful than any other medicine

The bjora tree occurs in all countries of the world with favorable climates, especially in India in the Himalayas from Garhwal to Sikkim up to an altitude of four thousand feet, while it also occurs in all other states including Gujarat. The pods are mostly ellipsoidal and taper towards the branch. The shape of which is varied. This fruit has a high content of rind. Due to which the location of the fruit on the tree, the angle of the branches and other reasons, the fruit takes shape. The rind of the fruit is leathery, wrinkled and scaly. And the inner bark is thick, white and hard and the outer bark is uniform in thickness and fragrant. Whose womb is sweet and sour. Bjora fruit, fruit juice. Saffron flowers, seeds, rhizomes, leaves, fruit juice etc. are used.

Ayurvedic benefits of Bjora

The roots of this tree are anthelmintic, useful in constipation and brain tumors. This relieves stomach pain. Useful in kidney and urinary diseases, stones, and dental diseases. The buds and flowers of this fruit are beneficial for stimulating and astringent bowels, and are appetizing and relieve vomiting problems.

This fruit is beneficial in relieving asthma, cough, persistent cough and intoxication. Its ripe fruits are digestive, stimulant and nutritious. This fruit cures leprosy, heals sores, and relieves phlegm, asthma, thirst, and cough. Relieves throat problems, cures ear diseases.

Bjora marmalade is beneficial for the entire digestive system and heart. Rinsing with borage juice kills the bacteria on the teeth. Borage juice is very beneficial in spleen and liver diseases. Drinking bejoar syrup is beneficial in jaundice. Bjora buds are very beneficial in hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids. Applying salt on bojora buds and giving it to pregnant women relieves problems like vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite.

Useful in acidity and stomach ailments

If the acidity problem in the body is increased and due to which there is headache and headache, extracting the juice and drinking its syrup cures the acidity. Apart from this, consumption of 1 to 2 grams of Bjora root bark powder mixed with ghee cures headache.

For ear treatment

1 to 2 drops of Bjora fruit juice in the ear during ear pain relieves the ear pain, apart from this, 30 to 40 ml of Bjora juice in 65 ml of soda after straining and putting it in the ear relieves the problem of ear wax, ear itching, ear inflammation etc. By adding 50 ml of oil in 50 ml of bjora juice, heating and instilling 1 to 2 drops in the ear provides relief from ear pain.

As a cure for dental problems

By making a paste of Bjora root and chewing this chunda on the teeth, the germs and worms in the teeth are destroyed. Due to which the toothache caused by the attack of this worm is removed. This relieves the pain in the mouth while eating.

As a cure for bad breath

Chewing the rinds of Bjora fruit relieves bad breath and bad breath. Due to the vitamin C and acidic properties of this bjora, it removes dental plaque and tongue plaque and its medicinal properties eliminate bad breath. A mixture of jasmine leaves, cardamom, honey and leaves of pipa, mamara and bjora in 5 to 10 ml daily intake improves voice in throat diseases and to improve voice and voice.

To destroy poisons

The medicinal properties of Bjora are used to eliminate toxins. Drinking 10 to 20 ml of Bjora juice every now and then to destroy heavy poisons that cause unconsciousness will kill the poisons. Poisoning caused by the sting of poisonous insects, which is relieved by drinking this borage extract.

For the treatment of inflammatory pain

When no other home remedies work to reduce the swelling, using Bjora provides relief from the swelling. The roots of Arani, Dedar, Sunth, Bhoy Ringni and Rasna, crushed together with Bjora root, and applied to wounds and swellings are beneficial.

As a cure for fever

By extracting the juice of Bjora fruit and drinking it in the morning, afternoon and evening, fever is relieved. A rub of its leaves also relieves fever. A decoction of 10 to 20 ml of Bjora root bark three times a day provides relief in fever. By extracting the buds from Bjora, mixing honey and Sandhav salt together and applying it on the forehead, it removes inflammation from the body. Making a decoction of the leaves of the tree and drinking it in 15 to 20 ml gives relief in fever.

As a cure for leprosy and leprosy

Taking 1 to 2 grams of powder of Bjora root and flower powder in equal quantity with rice khichdi or curry is beneficial in leprosy. Bjora tree is also beneficial for leprosy problems.

As a cure for epilepsy and paralysis

Bjora fruit juice mixed with neem leaf juice and Nirguni leaf juice and given nasally for three days cures epilepsy. Some people have a disease called epilepsy, such people often act like they are crazy. So when those people get epileptic during times of panic or excessive heat, giving this mixture with the juice of Bjora fruit gives relief.

For the treatment of shingles or shingles

To get rid of scabies or itching, applying sulfur mixed with beech juice on the scabies cures scabies. Applying paste made of bjora seeds cures skin diseases and swelling.

As a cure for stones and kidney

Consuming 10 to 15 ml of Bjora fruit juice mixed with 65 ml of baking soda and honey cures kidney problems and relieves its disease. Consuming 10 to 15 ml of Bjora fruit juice mixed with Sindhav salt cures the problem of stones. Bjora mul bark is beneficial in urinary diseases, 2 to 5 gm powder of the bark taken morning and evening relieves urinary diseases.

As a cure for jaundice

Jaundice and tumors are cured by drinking 4 times the juice of bjora mixed with asafoetida, pomegranate seeds, Sindhav salt, and alum powder.

As a cure for stomach problems like vomiting and inflammation

Make a syrup by mixing 10 to 20 ml of bejora juice with equal amount of honey and adding water to it. Consuming 500 ml of ginger, 500 ml of mint powder, 500 ml of peppermint powder and drinking this syrup relieves problems like vomiting, irritation and belching.

When the wart bleeds

Bjora root barks and flowers ground with rice husk water mixed with water and honey stops bleeding in warts, Bjora relieves constipation and stomach and intestinal problems so warts are also removed.

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As a remedy for cough and vomiting

Drinking 5 to 10 ml of Bjora fruit juice mixed with black salt and honey relieves hiccups and cough. Boiling 10 to 10 grams of Bjora roots in 200 ml of water and making a quarter decoction and drinking it gives relief in cold and vomiting, when vomiting occurs after eating, drinking 5 to 10 ml of fresh juice of Bjora in the evening gives relief. Drinking 10 to 20 ml of Bjora fruit juice mixed with sugar, honey and pippali powder cures cold and cough as well as vomiting.

To destroy stomach worms

Fenugreek is very beneficial in removing stomach worms and has a medicinal effect. Taking 5 to 10 grams of crushed bojora seeds with warm water kills stomach worms, making a decoction of the bark of this fruit and drinking it also kills stomach worms.

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