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Science City of Ahmedabad has the largest Aquarium in the country. Fish from all over the world are kept here, seeing which you yourself will be surprised.

India Largest Fish Aquarium in Ahmedabad Science City

There are such fish from all over the world that you will be stunned to see.
Aquarium built at a cost of Rs 260 crore in Science City
Aquarium will include marine species from around the world
188 species of Fishes can be seen in the Aquatic Gallery.

The country's largest Fish Aquarium in Science City Ahmedabad

Gujarat's first Fish Aquarium has been established at Science City, Ahmedabad. Seeing which you yourself will be stunned. Fish from all over the world are kept here. Significantly, this aquarium located in the Science City of Ahmedabad is the largest aquarium in the country. In addition to viewing marine species from around the world, the aquarium is specially designed with information to entertain students and young children studying marine life.

India Largest Fish Aquarium in Ahmedabad Science City

188 species of fishes can be seen in the aquarium.

About 11690 fishes of different species from India and abroad are becoming the center of attraction in the Science City Aquarium. In this aquarium, 20 species of Indian region, 21 species of Asian region, 31 species of American region, 16 species of African region, 58 species of world ocean will be seen in different tanks.

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A tunnel has been made between Aquarium

A tunnel has been made in the middle of this Science City Aquarium, seeing which you will feel that you have reached the aquatic life. This aquarium silhouette will surely give you an irresistible thrill. When it comes to fishes kept here at home and abroad, such as Seated Sea Bream, Selema Posey, Gold Bloch Grouper, Moon Jellyfish, Common Cuttlefish, Sandbark Sark, Sailfin Tang, Conchift Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Gray Reef Shark, Zebrali Sharks will be seen. The aquarium will also feature aquatic animation films, artistic installations, interactive exhibits, a 5D theater and a create-your-own fish attraction along with autonomy of fish.

India Largest Fish Aquarium in Ahmedabad Science City

Features of Aquarium

Rs 260 crore has been spent on this gallery made of 40 lakh liters of water.
About 12 thousand fish of 188 species can be seen in this Aquatic Gallery.
Here according to the favorable effect and requirement of the fish, fresh water is added to the tank by making pure or organic water continuously by adding pure water.
A self-propelled system is installed behind each tank, which continuously monitors the water.
This aquatic gallery is divided into six parts. Indian Region, Asian Region, African Region, American Region, World Ocean and Main Shark Tank
The rest of the tank can be viewed from the side while in the shark tank you can walk through the tunnel of the aquarium with the theme of sharks and other fish swimming in a 27 meter long tunnel.
11 types of sharks can be seen in this tank.
In other tunnels also the theme has been designed according to the fishes of each zone.
This gallery also includes South African penguins.

What is the price of Aquarium ticket?

To go to the Aquarium in Science City, you will have to charge Rs 50 for parking and entry fees.
If you just want to go to the Aquarium, then you will have to pay a charge of Rs 200 per person.
Apart from this, if you want to visit other places in Science City with Aquarium, then there is also a combo offer in which you will have to pay Rs 499 per person.

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