Never eat this item in a hotel

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 If you want to die, never eat this one thing in a hotel, you will have such stomach problems that you will have to spend money in the hospital.

Never eat this item in a hotel

Many people like to eat at hotels often, some people go to eat at hotels for some reason. Many times you have to eat in a hotel while traveling abroad for work. Different types of vegetables and food are provided in the hotel. In which dishes like Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc. are available. Some of these food items are eaten by people.

You need to be wary of food with gravy in hotels or restaurants. This is because this gravy dish is prepared and served to you within minutes of ordering. Because this gravy is not fresh. It is made several days in advance. Making fresh gravy takes a lot of time. This gravy keeps in the fridge for several days, then it is served to you hot to use.

Gravy is also of different quality. Different types of vegetables available in the market are used. Rotten or damaged goods are also used in hotels or restaurants. Gravy is mostly prepared using bad vegetables, the quality of which is very low. Gravy that has been kept in the fridge for a long period of time also undergoes a number of acidic processes, making it acidic. Due to this acid, our body needs 80% alkaline and 20% acid, which process is not maintained.

In this way the stale gravy we consume hurts our stomach. We eat this gravy for the taste of our tongue, but the damage is suffered by the stomach, due to which many stomach related problems start to arise. That's why this type of vegetable with gravy is very harmful for the body. Hence, you should never ever eat such gravied vegetables or any other dish in a hotel or restaurant.

If you want to make and eat this type of gravy, then you can take fresh vegetables home and make gravy and consume them. Hotels and restaurants often serve vegetables with stale gravy. So you should always choose a good hotel or restaurant, where good quality gravy and hot food are available.

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