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Free Electricity Bill: People use solar panels to save on electricity bills, but solar panels can also cost more and may not work properly at night. But there is a new option which can make your electricity bill free and this is also a one time investment.

Wind power generator tulip turbine device

Wind Power Generator is widely used in India. Due to this, electricity is provided to all parts of the country. However, generating electricity from wind energy is quite expensive and is a one-time investment. People avoid using it in homes. Cost is a major reason behind this. If you are in a position to spend money and want to try it as a one-time investment, you can reduce your household electricity bill thanks to wind power. If you don't know about it, today we are going to tell you about Wind Power Generator, which provides power supply to the house.

Inflation has gone up a lot. The more electricity you use, the higher the electricity bill. A lot of AC-fan-coolers run in summer, causing the electricity bill to run into thousands. People run AC for less time to save electricity bill. People use solar panels to save on electricity bills, but solar panels can also cost more and may not work properly at night. But a new option has come, through which your electricity bill can be free and this is also a one time investment.

What is Tulip Turbine Device?

The name of the Wind Power Generator that we are going to tell you is Tulip Turbine, it actually looks like a tulip, so its name is Tulip Turbine. This is a wind powered turbine that you can install on the roof of your house and a power generator is installed in it, with the help of which electricity starts to be produced. Once it starts generating electricity, you can use it with the help of batteries or directly in your home. This can reduce the electricity bill of at least one floor of the house. This is a miraculous device through which you can generate electricity at no cost and use it to meet your home's electricity needs.

Tulip Turbine Device

Let us tell you that this tulip turbine continues to work even when the wind flow is low. In such a situation, the process of generating electricity from the generator engaged in the turbine continues. If you also want to reduce your home electricity bill or make it completely free, this can be done by using a large number of them. By using this device, customers can save a huge amount of around ₹50000 to ₹100000 every year. It is definitely expensive but it allows you to keep the power supply running in your home.

What are the advantages of Tulip Turbine?

For India, tulip turbines can be ideal as they are low cost, take up little space and are useful in both urban and rural areas. Compared to solar, these tulip turbines can generate electricity even at night. So it can produce 8-10 hours more electricity.

- Less cost than Solar panel
- Very little space is required
- It can generate electricity 24 hours in the morning and evening. Whereas in solar, electricity can be generated only during the day.
- Can be useful in both village and city.

Get rid of electricity bills

It is very easy to install. Wherever you buy from, you will get an installer. You can easily use this device for about 10 years and it saves on your electricity bills.

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Currently, we have not found any reliable Turbine Manufacturer for this in India. If you have information, tell in the comment. Hope some Indian company will work on this very soon.

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