Best solar mobile charger in india

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Many people are troubled by the problem of electricity going out in the houses in summer. There are power cuts in many areas in India. If you also live in such an area where electricity gets cut off or goes away at any time, then solar power can prove to be the best option for you. You can buy this solar emergency kit from e-commerce platform Amazon at a huge discount. With the help of this charging kit, you can charge your mobile phone without electricity.

Best solar mobile charger in india

It is not necessary to have electricity to charge a mobile phone. This work can also be done without electricity. Now only and only sunlight is needed to charge the phone. Actually, these days solar mobile chargers have come in the market. All you have to do is put this charge in the sun and connect your phone. Your smartphone's battery will be full in no time. This charger will be no less than a revolution for those rural areas, where electricity is interrupted for many hours a day or due to some disaster, the power supply comes to a standstill.

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The special thing is that solar mobile chargers are much cheaper than electric chargers. Apart from this, these chargers are ideal for people who often move from one place to another. This charger is available on Amazon for Rs.398 only. Apart from this, you can also buy this charger offline. Some changes in their rates are possible.

Many times it happens that while traveling, people have to pass through many such places, where the power system is less. Sometimes there is electricity but there is no socket for the charger. In such a situation, mobile solar chargers can become an essential part of any emergency kit. It is very easy to carry them. It can be easily carried anywhere.

Solar Emergency Kit Price and Features

By the way, the cost of these solar power is a bit high. Their maximum cost goes up to Rs.10,000. Although solar charging systems are available in the market at a very low price, but you can also buy it from the e-commerce platform.

Electroprime 6V 4.2W Solar Power Charger: Its original price is Rs.590 but after 33 percent discount you can buy it for Rs.398. For the convenience of the customers, EMI option is also available on this kit. The special thing about this kit is that you can take this kit with you anywhere. For this you will not even need an electricity connection and will be able to charge your mobile phone easily. In this solar mobile charger, 4.2W energy is generated, due to which the mobile phone gets charged at a faster speed.

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ESPtronics Solar Panel Mobile Charger Kit: This is a solar mobile charger. Micro USB connector is available in this Solar panel mobile charger kit with DC motor. It is equipped with Crocodile chipset. Fan, buzzer and LED light are also provided in the mobile charger kit. You can charge faster than this speed mobile. In such a situation, you will not need electricity to charge the phone.

If we talk about the features, in this charger, customers get a portable design, as well as USB Type C, Micro USB as well as Lightning cable and all other charging cables are also available in it, so that you can charge every device. This can be charged with a solar charger and you don't even need to bring a separate charger.

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