Diamond Bourse in Surat that surpassed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

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The construction work of Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) at Khajod is 100 percent complete. The Diamond Bourse will soon be open to the world, but before that kills his readers with a stroke of the Diamond Bourse. There is no doubt that all the features of Diamond Bourse have made it world class today.

Diamond Bourse in Surat that surpassed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The Surat Diamond Bourse has surpassed the world's two largest buildings - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Pentagon in the United States - in different criteria. The Diamond Bourse will now have a diamond business of over Rs 2 lakh crore a year, making it the world's largest trading hub and playing the drums in the world.

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Will establish its own distinctive identity around the world.

Surat Diamond Industry is spread all over the world. With the construction of Diamond Bourse, the diamond industry of Surat city will establish its distinctive identity in the whole world. Until now Surat city used to work only for polishing rough diamonds, but now it is also going to be a trading hub. The Diamond Bourse has been set up at a cost of Rs 2,500 crore. The bourgeoisie, spread over 1.48 lakh square meters, will have a diamond trade of over Rs 2 lakh crore a year.

surat diamond bourse first look

The height of the ground and 9 towers of 15 floors can be increased

Surat Diamond Bourse has parking facilities of more than 10 thousand two-wheelers and more than 4500 four-wheelers. It has 4,200 offices for national and international diamond traders. It will have accommodation for traders and others as well as a housing colony. 15 acres will be developed as a green area and all landscapes will be designed on Panchatattva theme. Landscaping will also be designed in the 3 vigha space between the towers. As the height of the ground and 9 towers of 15 floors increase, all will be connected to each other. In addition, a total of 128 destination control lifts will be installed in the building.

In 2016, 36 acres of land was handed over to Surat Diamond Bourse

Rough and polished diamonds will be traded in Surat Diamond Bourse. Due to this project, there will be a trade of two lakh crores in Surat. The Government of Gujarat completed the project on 22 October 2016 by handing over 36 acres of land to Surat Diamond Bourse Committee. Traders from Mumbai and abroad have made bookings here, which will allow trading of rough diamonds and polished diamonds in one place. If buyers from all over the world come here, people associated with MSME who could not afford to buy an office in Mumbai will get one here. They will get connectivity with direct foreign buyers, which will directly benefit the trader.

surat diamond bourse first look

Benefit to Gujarat Government from Income Tax Return in Surat

There were difficulties for those involved in the diamond industry, as Surat has a manufacturing sector and Mumbai has a trading hub. Merchants had to keep offices in both places, which was also costly. In the two years since the Corona period, traders in Mumbai have been affected. Traders will have access to educational, medical and transportation facilities at low cost, as well as employment for locals due to this trading hub. The most important thing is that all the income tax returns will be filed in Surat, which will directly benefit the Gujarat government. The project is worth Rs 2500 crore. People start making this project only by taking money from them.

Surat Diamond Bourse First Look Video: Click Here

SURAT Diamond Bourse Final Video : Click here

U.S. Pentagon building knocked down

The Diamond Bourse covers an area of ​​68 million square feet. Let me tell you that the Pentagon is by far the largest office building in the world. The Pentagon's Enhanced Defense

Headquarters is being built on 67 million square feet of land, while the Diamond Bourse is being built on 68 square feet. In this sense, Surat's Diamond Bourse is the largest interconnected building in the world.

surat diamond bourse first look

A total of 4000 CCTV cameras in the Diamond Bourse

A diamond bourse is being set up for the diamond business, with a total of 4000 CCTV cameras installed to protect the diamonds and jewelery of the industrialists. Each tower has a sensor for fire safety. Diamond Bourse has a total of 4200 offices. There is also ample parking for 4500 four-wheelers and 10 thousand two-wheelers. Once the Diamond Bourse begins, it will be easier for diamond traders to do business.

Features of Dreamcity's main entrance

1. The area covering the 60 meter wide gate shall be 67.10 m by 31.45 m, 15 m high. The main entrance to the Bursa and Dreamcity is designed to cover modern security. A digital checking system has been set up for all passing vehicles and visitors. There are entrances and entrances to Skydek, a commercial and tourist attraction. On either side of the gate there is a lift for visitors, a washroom and a Skydek Vision Viewing Gallery.

The gateway of Dreamcity will be the identity of Surat, which will be used not only as a gateway, but for multipurpose. At the gate, a wide width display of Skypec access food court, cafe area, telescope point, seating area and historical overview of Surat has been placed. Skydeck is shaped like a diamond jewelry ring. From Skydeck, visitors can see the Dreamcity and the Diamond Bourse building.

Auditorium in Dreamcity's office building

350 sq.m. at the junction of 200 feet road in front of the iconic building of Surat Diamond Bourse. The land will be an exclusive corporate office building for the staff and board members of Dreamcity Limited. The office building based on the criteria of green building has a total area of ​​12775 sq.m. Has been in construction. There is a double height foyer with entry and launch. An auditorium consisting of 130 persons has been constructed and on the sixth floor there are offices for board members, board rooms, restaurants and canteens as well as bank branches and ATMs.

surat diamond bourse first look

Arrange digital checking at the entry gate

The entry of the iconic bourgeoisie is also grand, which will be used for multipurpose. The municipality has planned to make the main entrance of Dream City project area of ​​Surat city famous as Surat Diamond City. Diamond Bourse - The tool used in the diamond grinding business has been designed to make the entrance attractive to the identity of Dreamcity.

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Buyers from more than 175 countries will come

The Diamond Bourse carries millions of people daily, for which transportation is also being properly arranged. Surat Municipal Corporation has planned to provide city bus and BRTS bus facility in time and also to run Diamond Bourse from Sarsana to Khajod under Metro Rail project. The interior of the Diamond Bourse, which is owned by the owners of the diamond factories as well as the small and large diamond traders who have bought offices, is being made world class. All Diamond Bourse offices are being set up internationally to attract buyers from more than 175 countries around the world.

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