Regional Science Museum Bhavnagar full details

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The city will get a new identity as soon as the Regional Science Center under construction near Nari village in Bhavnagar is completed. A Science Center has been constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 90 crore to entertain the people of Bhavnagar with information. The center's museum has five different galleries, which will be the center of attraction for the people. At present 90 percent of the operations of the center have been completed.

Regional Science Museum Bhavnagar full details

The Regional Science Center is being constructed on 20 acres of land near Nari village in Bhavnagar. The center has five different themed galleries. The Regional Science Museum has innovative themed galleries with innovative exhibitions to educate, engage and experience school-college students as well as general public and visitors, keeping in view the science-engineering development in Bhavnagar, Saurashtra area. The department has organized various activities in the galleries to provide a pleasant experience to the children and visitors who come to learn science and its program.

Dinosaur Park and Science Museum at Patan

Marine Aquatics Gallery

Inspired by the coastal areas of Bhavnagar
Marine life can be studied scientifically
Underwater life can be closely observed
Detailed information about submarines, vessels

Bio Science Gallery

Details of each species were given
Interactive exhibits, scaled models will be placed
Infographics were created to make biology easier to understand
Experience the ecosystem with virtual reality

Automobile Gallery

Talk about change in the automobile sector
Power steering, various engines, bike evolution
Sign plane and seafaring information
A special place for workshops was also given in this gallery

Electro Mechanics Gallery

Electromagnetism and the way behind it
Innovative ways to showcase scientific ideas
Demonstration models of bullet trains were placed
Models of the Hall of Tesla, Maglev were placed

Nobel Prize Gallery

Details of the Nobel Prize from 1901 to 2021
Information on 226 Nobel Prize winners
List of winners in the field of physiology and medicine
Will create a unique attraction for visitors

Watch Rani Ki Vav 360 Degree view Video

In addition, a garden with irrigation system has been prepared, making the greenery visible from the very beginning of the center. The whole campus is surrounded by small and big trees. More than 50 species of saplings including Garmalo, Kachnar, Champo, Gulmahendi, Saptaparni, Gulmahor, Pelta Palm, Asparagus, Refix Palm, Mango, Rohi etc. have been planted in this campus.

The main purpose of the Regional Science Center is to entertain with education. Which will be the center of attraction for the state, not just Bhavnagar, said the project-directors. It has Marine Aquatics Gallery, Automobile Gallery, Nobel Prize Gallery, Electro mechanics Gallery, Biology Gallery, 9-DVR Zone and Natural Green Complex, with spacious parking facilities available and 90 per cent work of this center is nearing completion. The center will be opened soon.

Science Museum Bhavnagar Video: Click Here

Animated Science Museum Bhavnagar Video: Click Here

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