First Darshan Shri Amarnath Shivling 2023

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Amarnath Temple is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft), about 141 km (88 mi) from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, reached through Pahalgam town. The shrine represents an important part of Hinduism. The cave, located in Lidder Valley, is surrounded by glaciers, snowy mountains and is covered with snow most of the year, except for a short period of time in summer when it is open to pilgrims. In 1989, pilgrims numbered between 12,000 and 30,000. In 2011, the numbers reached a peak, crossing 6.3 lakh (630,000) pilgrims. In 2018 pilgrims numbered 2.85 lakh (285,000). The annual pilgrimage has varied between 20 and 60 days.

First Darshan Shri Amarnath Shivling 2022

The Amarnath cave, abode of the Mahamaya Shakti Peetha, is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, temples throughout South Asia that commemorate the location of fallen body parts of the Hindu deity Sati.

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The Shiva Lingam is a stalagmite formation located at the Amarnath Mountain which has a peak of 5,186 metres (17,014 ft), and inside a 40 m (130 ft) high cave at an elevation of 3,888 m (12,756 ft). The stalagmite is formed due to the freezing of water drops that fall from the roof of the cave onto the floor resulting in an upward vertical growth of ice. There are different types of stalagmites. Here, the stalagmites considered as the lingam, a physical manifestation of Shiva, form a solid-dome-shape. Parvati and Ganesha are also present here as two smaller stalagmites.

In our Hindu religion we worship many gods and goddesses. For us, our religion is paramount. When we want to worship Shri Bholenath Shankar Bhagwan before our age, then God has given us the benefit of darshan after 2 years. The Shivling of Lord Shankar can be seen in Amarnath and the photos of this Shivling are now going viral on social media.

First Darshan Shri Amarnath Shivling 2022

It is also called Swayambhu Himani Shivling (Barfani Baba) as it is made of natural snow. From Ashadhi Purnima to Rakshabandhan, millions of people come here for the holy Himaling Darshan which takes place in the entire month of Shravan.

perimeter of the cave is about one and a half hundred feet and drops of ice water dripping from it in many places. There is a place in which a Shivling about ten feet high is formed by dripping snow drops. As the moon rises and falls, so does the size of the ice. By Shravan Purnima it comes in its full shape and gradually shrinks by the month of Amas. Surprisingly, this Shivling is made of solid ice, while the cave usually contains raw ice which crumbles at the touch of a hand.

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There are two ways to go to Amarnath Yatra. One from Pahalgam and the other from Sonmarg Baltal. That means to reach Pahalgam and Baltal by any vehicle, you have to use your own feet to get from here. Rides are provided for the disabled or the elderly. The road from Pahalgam is considered easy and convenient. The distance from Baltal to Amarnath cave is only 15 kilometers.

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