Portable Rechargeable Fan Cap

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The summer season has arrived. Coolers and AC have been turned on in homes to get rid of the heat. But it is impossible that we do not go out to escape the heat. We have to take out the heat for rough work. People use caps and goggles to protect themselves from the sun, but the heat is just that.

Portable Rechargeable Fan Cap

But today we are going to tell you how to do this, so that you do not have to sweat to go out in the sun. Fortunately, you can go out and feel very cold in summer. So let us know about this new device.

The fan will start from the smartphone, buy only Rs 140

The fan in the cap will protect from heat

The sun hat is available in the portable fan market to get rid of the heat. Simply put, the cap has a fan, which gives you coolness in the heat. It will not use force and will not be heavier than that. It can be easy to handle. It's like a normal cap, only Issen felt a fan, which shows the battery. It has to be charged using USB before exiting.

Portable Rechargeable Fan Cap

Portable fan sun hats are available in the market to get rid of heat. Simply put, the cap is fitted with a fan, which gives you coolness in summer. It will neither use electricity nor is it too heavy. It can be easily carried. It is like a normal cap, except that it has a fan attached to it, which is battery operated. Before leaving the bus, you have to charge with the help of USB.

Will last up to 5 hours on a half hour charge

This cap has a fan. If not used, the fan fits into the cap. To use, you have to turn on the fan as follows. As soon as the fan is turned on, it turns on and the air starts blowing directly on your face. The fan lasts 4 to 5 hours on a half hour charge. That is, it comes with a strong battery.

Portable Rechargeable Fan Cap

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Can buy online

It can be purchased online from Amazon. The price of this cap starts from Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.900. In this you get many color options. It is unisex, meaning anyone can use it. There is a clip on the back, so you can adjust the fan.

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