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Samaveda is the main song of music. It was sung by the ancient Aryans. The Samaveda is the smallest of the four Vedas in terms of size and all except 99 of its 1875 hymns belong to the Rigveda. Only 17 mantras are found in Atharvaveda and Yajurveda. Still, it has the highest reputation, one of the reasons for which is Krishna's saying in the Gita as Vedanam Samavedosmi.

Samaveda PDF Download 2022

Although the Samaveda is small, but in a way it is the essence of all the Vedas and selected portions of all the Vedas have been included in it. Out of 1875 mantras in Samaveda Samhita, 1504 are from Rigveda. The Samaveda Samhita has two parts, the Archic and the Gaana. The details found in the Puranas give information about the existence of a thousand branches of Samaveda. At present, 13 branches are revealed by looking at Prapancha Hridaya, Divyavadana, Charanvyuha and Jaimini Grihasutra. Out of these thirteen, the branches of three Acharyas are found- (1) Kaumuthirai, (2) Ranayaniya and (3) Jaiminiya. The scholars who study it are called Panchvish or Udgata.

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The importance of Samaveda is known from the fact that in the Gita it has been said that -Vedanam Samavedosmi. In addition to the Gita in the Mahabharata, the importance of Samaveda has also been shown in the discipline festival - Samvedashch Vedanam Yajushan Shatrudriyam. According to Agni Purana, by duly chanting of various mantras of Samaveda, one can be freed from diseases and ailments, and desires can be fulfilled. Samaveda is the triveni of Jnanayoga, Karmayoga and Bhaktiyoga.

The sages developed the method of singing by compiling specific mantras. Modern scholars have also started accepting the fact that all swaras, rhythms, verses, speed, mantras, vocal therapy, raga dance postures, expressions etc. have originated from Samveda itself.

samaveda pdf download 2022

Samaveda has been called the juice of the Udgitas, in the Chandogya Upanishad. In the Fourteenth Kanda of the Atharvaveda, the Aitareya Brahmana (8-27) and the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (the Upanishad of the Shukla Yajurveda, 6.4.27), the Samaveda and the Rigveda are shown as a pair of husband and wife.

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Just as the Mantras of Rigveda are called Richa and the Mantras of Yajurveda are called Yajunshi, similarly the Mantras of Samaveda are called Samani. The description of Sama or Samani in Rigveda comes at 21 places.

Such mantras are found in the Samaveda, which proves that the Vedic sages had knowledge of such scientific truths, whose information has been received by modern scientists after millennia. For example- Indra has kept the earth rotating. The sun's rays merge in the moon's circle and illuminate it. The meaning of Saam Mantra number 27 is – This fire is the sustainer of all the living beings from the land to the earth. It is capable of giving form and movement to water.Most branches of Samaveda are found in the Vedas - 1001 branches. The shakhas have different recitations of mantras, methods of singing and sequence of mantras. While Indian scholars consider it to be part of a single Vedarashi, many Western Veda-researchers consider it to be a later text.

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But the description of Samaveda or Samagana is also found in the Rigveda - which in the Hindu tradition considers the first Veda and the western world as the oldest Veda. In the Rigveda, at some 31 places, there is a discussion of samagan or sama - by names like Vairupam, Brihatam, Gauraviti, Revtam, Arke etc. In the Yajurveda, the samagan is known by the names of Rathantaram, Brihatam etc. Apart from this, in the Aitareya Brahmana also, there is a discussion of Brihat, Rathantaram, Vairupam, Vairajam etc.

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