TOP Quiz Application in india : Top Quiz Questions

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 As of late, India has seen a flood in the prominence of test applications, mirroring a cross country excitement for information, contest, and intuitive diversion. These stages engage as well as teach and connect with clients across different socioeconomics. Here is an investigation of a portion of the main test applications that have caught the creative mind of Indian clients:

TOP Quiz Application in india : Top Quiz Questions

Hello friends, today we will read a few fun riddles. 1. Two heads and two legs, as if he had the whole world, whoever comes in between, gets cut off in the blink of an eye, Answer: Scissors 2. A leaf like a banyan, a pear like a sugarcane, a flower like a mango like a mango, Answer: Number

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Hello friends, today we will read a few fun riddles.

1. Two heads and two legs, as if the whole world, anyone who comes in between, is cut off in a rush, Answer: Scissors

2. Leaf like banyan, pear like sugarcane, flower like mango like mango, Answer : Figure

3. There is grandfather but not grandmother, brother but not sister-in-law, Navaro but not Navari, Roji but not Roti!

Answer: Dadabhai Navroji

4. A buffalo eats food in its stomach, milk goes to the court, if it is clever, it understands, if it is stupid, it eats gotha,

Answer: Mango

5. Keep the juice of yellow yellow padamsi in the stomach, if a few drops are too much, take out the teeth.

Answer: Lemon

6. Night and night Ratanji, keep the leaves in your stomach, and it happens in village to village, eat it and eat it!

Answer: Bore

7. Which is a surname which in Gujarati has two letters but in English it has nine letters,

Answer: Chhunchha

TOP Quiz Application in india : Top Quiz Questions

8. If you take three out of five apples, how many apples will you have left? Answer: Read these three riddles and share them with your friends.

BrainBaazi: BrainBaazi has spearheaded the live test design in India, where clients can take part progressively random data challenges to win monetary rewards. Sent off with the vision of making learning fun and fulfilling, BrainBaazi's intuitive methodology has collected a committed following among random data fans. The application's consistent incorporation of gaming and information testing requests to a wide crowd looking for both diversion and scholarly feeling.

Crazy: Insane has cut out specialty by offering live test contests range different classifications. Clients can join intelligent random data meetings where they go up against others continuously. Crazy's prosperity lies in its social gaming highlights and the open door it accommodates members to acquire rewards in view of their test execution. This mix of rivalry and kinship has made it a #1 among those hoping to test their insight while interfacing with companions and individual players.

Dream11: At first known for dream sports, Dream11 has extended its contributions to incorporate test challenges connected with sports and different subjects. It takes advantage of the energy for sports in India, consolidating gaming fervor with testing random data questions. Dream11's tests engage as well as teach clients about different parts of sports, settling on it a famous decision among sports lovers and test devotees the same.

QuizUp: As a universally well known test application, QuizUp offers a huge swath of subjects for clients to contend in random data tests. Players can challenge companions or partake in worldwide rivalries, cultivating a lively local area of random data darlings. QuizUp's broad library of themes guarantees there's something for everybody, from mainstream society and history to science and writing, taking special care of different interests and information levels.

1. બે માથા અને બે પગ, જાણે એને આખું જગ, જે કોઈ આવે એની વચ્ચે, કપાઈ જાય એની કચકચમાં, જવાબ : કાતર  2. વડ જેવા પાનને, શેરડી જેવી પેરી, મોગરા જેવા ફૂલને આંબા જેવી કેરી, જવાબ : આંકડો

3. દાદા છે પણ દાદી નથી, ભાઈ છે પણ ભાભી નથી, નવરો છે પણ નવરી નથી, રોજી છે પણ રોટી નથી !

જવાબ : દાદાભાઈ નવરોજી

4. ભેંસ વિયાણી પાડો પેટમાં, દૂધ દરબારમાં જાય, ચતુર હોય તો સમજી લ્યો, મૂરખ ગોથા ખાય,

જવાબ : કેરી

5. પીળા પીળા પદમસી ને પેટમાં રાખે રસ, થોડા ટીપા વધુ પડે તો, દાંતનો કાઢે કસ,

જવાબ : લીંબુ

6.રાતા રાતા રતનજી, પેટમાં રાખે પાણા, વળી ગામે ગામે થાય, એને ખાઈ રંક ને રાણા !

જવાબ : બોર

7. એવી કઈ અટક છે જે ગુજરાતીમાં લખીએ તો બે અક્ષર થાય પરંતુ તેને અંગ્રેજીમાં લખીએ તો નવ અક્ષર થાય,

જવાબ : છુંછા ( chhunchha )

8. જો તમે પાંચમાંથી ત્રણ સફરજની લઈ લો તો તમારી પાસે કેટલા સફરજન રહે ?  જવાબ : ત્રણ આવા અવનવા ઉખાણા વાંચી મિત્રોને પણ જરૂર શેર કરો.

BYJU'S - The Learning Application: Past its essential spotlight on instructive substance, BYJU'S incorporates test areas that supplement its learning modules. These tests act as appraisals to assist understudies with measuring how they might interpret different subjects. BYJU'S intelligent way to deal with learning, combined with drawing in tests, upgrades the instructive experience by making it both educational and agreeable.

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