The light of youth will be visible on the face even in old age

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As the age of a man increases, the disease increases and due to this his anxiety increases. It is a bitter truth that with age the glow of the skin starts to fade.

The light of youth will be visible on the face even in old age

Age affects every part of the body. Hair starts turning white and starts falling. The softness of the skin starts decreasing. But it is also true that some people's skin looks like 30 even at the age of 50. That is, in some people the effect of age is very slow.

Stop taking tension completely

As you age, it affects different parts of the body. Although there are many reasons behind this, scientists at Harvard Medical have found a quick formula. Scientists have claimed in a study that if you want to bind time and make your face look young, then you have to do only one thing. Stop taking tension completely.

Biological aging can be reduced by reducing stress

Studies have shown that biological aging can be reduced by reducing stress. Also said that it does not require many days. If you were already stressed but now want to reduce it, then remove it completely and see the effect on the face in a few days.

Be active to reduce biological age

Studies say that your age is not the number when you were born, but the biological age at which the cells in your body get old. By relieving stress, you can protect cells from aging. If you are healthy and strong then you can reduce your biological age but if your life is not healthy then you will be very ill in your life then your biological age will be much more than your present age. This means that you will not last long.

Do this daily

As age increases, it first affects the skin around the armpits and neck and it becomes loose. Regular exercise is essential to keep the skin taut. Rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise 30 times to exercise the neck. Then do an exercise of looking up and down i.e. looking at the sky and looking at the ground 30 times. Then do 30 times while moving your neck to look left and right. Inflate both cheeks with air in the mouth to make the cheeks look plump. After a while, remove the air. Do this ten times.

Wrinkles will be removed

Make a paste of neem pods. Mix equal amount of Sukhad powder in it and prepare a lap. Apply this paste on face and neck. Be careful not to apply it on the skin around the eyes. After leaving for about ten minutes, gently rub the face and neck and wash off with cold water. After that apply lentil dal paste on the face. To prepare this paste, make a paste by soaking lentil dal in milk for a few times. Apply this paste on the face. This remedy will provide unique beauty to the skin. Also, sprout mung and chickpeas and crush them. Add rose water to this mixture and leave it for some time. After that apply this too like lentil paste. Gradually the wrinkles on the face and neck will disappear. Avoid using too much soap or face wash.

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Adequate sleep and calm mind

Along with adopting such remedies, it is equally important to follow a proper routine. Make it a habit to do everything on time. It is especially important to sleep on time and get enough sleep. In addition, frequent anger, irritable nature or excessive stress can also cause the skin to age faster. So try to keep your mind calm. Adopt positive thinking, keep smiling, do yoga and meditation. All these remedies play an important role in keeping the mind calm.

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