How to make own cooler at home

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 It has been very hot this year. Hit wave has been announced in many states and districts. Today we will tell you how to make Cooler from indigenous jugaad sitting at home, so that you will feel better than AC in less cost. With this simple trick, you can make your own cooler at home.

Make your own cooler at home

Make your own cooler at home! AC air also failed in front of it

By staying at home, your cooler will get coolness in the hot summer, the air conditioner (AC) in front will also fail.

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Summer season is here and the temperature is increasing day by day. Fed up with the heat, many people switch off the AC at home without paying attention to their electricity bills. There are some people who do not even have a cooler. ACs are very expensive and it becomes difficult for the common people to pay the electricity bill.

Make your own cooler at home

The air cooler option in Teva is probably a compromise. Today we will tell you how you can make your own cooler at home by spending less money at home. This process requires some electrical skills.

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Make your own cooler at homeTo make a cooler at home, you need a fan, ice, a container (preferably an ice box if you have one) and an outlet pipe. This is a flower box air conditioner. First of all you have to take the whole box. There should be two holes on top of it. This will have to be done by measuring both the hole pipe and the fan.

Make your own cooler at home

Fan has to be fitted in one hole and pipe in the other hole. You'll need to put the fan back on if the hole falls through. Also fitting the pipe into the hole in the front. 

Make your own cooler at home

Then you have to put a big chunk of ice in the icebox. Then you have to close the icebox and turn on the fan.

As soon as you turn on the fan, you will start getting cold air like AC through the pipe. It can cost you around Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. Just imagine that even a cooler is not available for this much money and you will definitely get a homemade AC with cool air.

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