A cooling bed sheet like AC has arrived!

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Hurry up: Ditch the AC and cooler Bring this bed sheet, the bed will be as cold as ice

cooling bed sheet like AC has arrived

Demand for AC and cooler skyrockets in hot season. At such times, many products are also available in the market. Which people use as AC Bed Sheet. In fact, the special feature of this device is that it starts getting cold like ice as soon as you lie on the bed. This is the reason why people buy it mostly in heat.

Many people are buying Accon Cooling Gel Mattress. You can also order it online. Also, if you are currently getting a bumper discount, then it can prove to be the best option for you. If you want to buy this mattress, you will have to spend Rs 699, so overall you are benefiting from this deal as its MRP is Rs 1,899.

You will get many features in it. If you connect it like you do, it will start cooling very quickly. After that you can use it for sleeping. You can even spread a bed sheet over it for cooling. So it will prove to be a very good option for you.

Nowadays, a cold sheet is available in the market, which starts to release cold air from the bed as soon as it is spread. The special feature of this AC Bed Sheet is that it consumes very little electricity while running and does not make any noise. That means you can sleep comfortably.

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You are not provided with a fan in this bed sheet. This is why, when it is turned on, it does not vibrate. Many people are using it. But be careful not to wash with water. If soiled, wipe with a lightly damp cloth. For this reason, it is going to prove to be a good option for many people. You will not have any complaints regarding the specification of the bed sheet. Always in demand especially in hot season. This is the reason why people buy it more.

AC Bed Sheet will provide restful sleep

If spread over this cooling bed, it looks like a simple sheet. But the technology used in it is special. It uses gel technology for cooling, which cools as air passes through. A cooling fan is installed inside the tube at one end of this sheet, which sends air inside the sheet. This fan is so silent that one does not even realize that it is running. A control box is provided to control the speed of the fan and a tube to exhaust the hot air.

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