Big change in the Aadhar Card rules By Government

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 Aadhaar Card New Rule: The public authority has given a major update in regards to Aadhaar card, presently this is uplifting news for the people who have made Aadhaar card quite a while back. The Service of Gadgets and IT has delivered a warning, rolling out important improvements for individuals who made Aadhaar cards quite a while back. Assuming there is any blunder in the Aadhaar card and any records are passed on to be given or refreshed, then the vital consummation must be finished.

Big change in the Aadhar Card rules By Government

Refreshes are to be finished after consummation of like clockwork from the date of enlistment.

Change Rule 1

As per the Service of Gadgets and Data Innovation, the Aadhaar update will guarantee the exactness of applicable data in the Focal Character Information Archive (CIDR). Aadhaar holders can refresh archives containing confirmation of Personality Verification and Occupant/Address Evidence something like once at regular intervals from the date of enlistment for Aadhaar.

નોંધણીની તારીખથી દર 10 વર્ષે પૂર્ણ થયા પછી અપડેટ્સ કરવાનું રહેશે.

ઈલેક્ટ્રોનિક્સ અને ઈન્ફોર્મેશન ટેક્નોલોજી મંત્રાલયના જણાવ્યા અનુસાર, આધાર અપડેટ સેન્ટ્રલ આઈડેન્ટિટી ડેટા રિપોઝીટરી (CIDR) માં સંબંધિત માહિતીની ચોકસાઈની ખાતરી કરશે. આધાર ધારકો આધાર માટે નોંધણીની તારીખથી ઓછામાં ઓછા દર 10 વર્ષમાં એકવાર Identity Proof અને Resident/address Proof ના પુરાવા ધરાવતા દસ્તાવેજો અપડેટ કરી શકે છે.

The justification for this is to address the singular's information, many individuals are as yet getting their Aadhaar card changed, this step will help in taking action against counterfeit Aadhaar cards gave for a huge scope. Likewise, in the event that the information is refreshed, the advantages of different plans will be simple.

What to do - Aadhaar card

To refresh the Aadhaar card, one needs to go to the middle, alongside the individual needs to convey a picture ID, note that it should contain the total location of the house. A personal ID can likewise contain a driving permit. Some cash might be charged for the update.

Important Rules for Children's Aadhaar Card

This is a very important rule, under which parents have been asked to update their children's Aadhar card at the age of 5 years and 15 years. This means that if you have a child in your household, it will be mandatory for you to update their Aadhaar card at the age of 5 years and then at the age of 15 years.

UIDAI also tweeted this information through its official Twitter account and said that parents must update their children's Aadhaar card at the age of 5 and 15 years. Parents can get their children's Aadhaar card updated absolutely free by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Kendra.

Change Rule 2

Aadhaar Card date of Birth new rule

You can update your date of birth only once (1 Time)

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Aadhar Card Rules: A fine of Rs 1 crore, alongside detainment for abuse of Aadhaar card

Aadhar Update : 

Aadhaar card is viewed as a vital report for any individual the nation over. You can involve it for pretty much every significant assignment. With Aadhaar you can profit the advantages of government plans. Aadhaar card contains subtleties like your name, date of birth, address and Aadhaar number. Your biometric information is likewise accessible on Aadhaar card. It has been seen ordinarily in the country that Aadhaar card has been abused commonly. Notwithstanding, disregarding Aadhaar rules can prompt weighty fines and prison terms.

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