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 A Big Collection of Lagna geet from old wedding tunes Kankotri to farewell

Howdy, friends, we have brought one more information for you, the wedding season will start soon. In any case, nowadays people neglect to recall the old wedding tunes. We present to you a treasure trove of old marriage songs, with the help of which we can keep our old culture and heritage alive.

To shield and stay aware of our lifestyle, we have gotten you an application which there is a grouping of Gujarati Marriage Tunes/Lagaan Geet and Fatana, which you will find supportive wherever, close by a YouTube interface, so you can listen wherever.

If you like our drive to shield this culture and heritage, share it on the whole of your WhatsApp get-togethers, Facebook to give us a lift.

Gujarati culture is uncommonly well known for its traditional marriage. In which they 'Lagna Geet'. Applauds each second together.

We make an application for you to know Gujarati Songs, especially Gujarati Marriage Tunes, Gujarati Lagngeet tunes.

Gujarati Lagngeet/Gujarati Marriage Tunes application has an inconceivable variety of Gujarati marriage songs.

Gujarati Wedding Tune | Gujarati Wedding Songs application has a fantastic arrangement of Gujarati wedding songs as 'Gujarati Wedding Songs'.

Gujaratis are by and large well known for their claim to fame and their lifestyle.

He is notable for certain things anyway among them "Lagna Geet" is the most renowned and happily dedicated to our Sanskrit.

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Application Key Features:

📯 Essential and simple to utilize

📯 Tunes for all 'Traditions' associated with the application

📯 Separated Mode/Offine Mode

📯 Gujarati language for all tunes

📯 80+ Lagan songs (tunes) in Gujarati literary style

📯 Little application size

Gujarati લગ્ન Song App Download કરવા Click here

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Gujarati Marriage Geet App Download Click here

Using this application you can without a very remarkable stretch convey different wedding tunes in your pocket and successfully read Gujarati wedding songs in Gujarati at whatever point wherever.

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