Best South Indian Movies Hindi Dubbed

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Cinema of South Indian cinema is used to refer to the four different film industries of South India - Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industries collectively as a single entity. They are located in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Bangalore.

Best South Indian Movies Hindi Dubbed

Although developed independently over a long period of time, globalization, along with the gross exchange of film actors and technicians, helped shape this new identity in Indian cinema. The industry is regulated by the South Indian Movies Chamber of Commerce. The combined revenue of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema industries represents over 45% of the total revenue of Indian cinema.

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Tamil cinema is the Indian film production industry of Tamil language films. It is located in the Kodambakkam neighborhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, leading to the industry's nickname Kollywood, the word Kodambakkam, and a portmanteau of Hollywood. Tamil cinema is the second largest film industry in India after Hindi cinema in terms of market size and distribution network.

Tamil cinema later had a profound influence on other filmmaking industries in India, establishing Madras as a secondary center for Hindi cinema, along with other South Indian film industries, as well as Sri Lankan cinema. In the last quarter of the 20th century, Tamil films from India established a global presence through distribution in an increasing number of overseas theaters in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Oceania, Europe, and North America. The industry also inspired independent film production in Sri Lanka and Tamil diaspora populations in Malaysia, Singapore and the Western Hemisphere.

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South Indian cinema is used to refer collectively as a single entity to the five distinct film industries of Tollywood (Telugu), Kollywood (Tamil), Mollywood (Malayalam), Chandan (Kannada) and Tulu cinema.

The combined industries' revenue represents 50% of Indian cinema, with Tollywood and Kollywood representing 19% and 20% of the Indian box office.

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South Indian Cinema has always produced its films in a cost-effective manner. However, in recent times, it has produced many of the most expensive films of Indian cinema, such as: 2.0, Enthiran, Baahubali, etc. South Indian Cinema's box office growth rate has surpassed that of Hindi cinema.

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